Sleep 500 12-inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress

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msrp $949.99 - $1,799.99

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msrp $949.99 - $1,799.99


The REM-Fit Sleep 500 12-inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress
  • 5 Layers of memory foam for cool comfort, pressure relief and motion separation
  • A layer of 6-inch pocketed coils for responsive support
  • Nordic Chill fabric top and cooling gel-infused mattress provide superior comfort for hot sleepers
  • Provides ample back support without sinking, perfect for larger body types
  • Premium Hi-Flow Knit top fabric delivers flexibility, airflow and moisture wicking
  • Re-Ax Unleashed wicks moisture and naturally inhibits bacteria
  • Contour-Fit fabric features a 4-way stretch
  • No flip-design means you never have to turn it over
  • Built to disperse weight and provide soft, adaptive support
  • Features Tencel botanical fiber
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • 15-Year warranty
Multi-layer memory foam and pocket coil construction
  • .7-inches of Adaptive Foam – Cool and comfortable, this foam is infused with gel that disperses heat and regulates sleep temperature
  • 2-inches of Cradle Foam – Formulated to tailor itself to your shape, this layer adds a cradle of comfort
  • 1-inch of Transition Foam – Created to amplify the comfort of the pocketed coils below, this layer increases individualized support and motion isolation
  • 6.3-inches of Pocket Coils – Supportive and durable, these coils provide customized support and responsiveness
  • 2-inches of Support Foam – The base of the mattress stops sinking while ensuring long lasting durability
  • Premium mattress fabric
  • Nordic Chill is an ultra-smooth fabric designed to transfer heat away from the body throughout the night. It’s soft, comfortable and cool to the touch.
  • Re-Ax Unleashed with Hi-Flow Knit features Tencel botanical fibers to disperse moisture, ensuring comfortable conditions throughout the night
  • Ventilated Side Mesh is designed to optimize mattress breathability, allowing air to flow easily both into and out of the mattress
  • Contour Fit uses a 4-way stretch to flex and adjust to your body, offering free range of motion
  • Multi-layer Memory Foam Construction

    REM-Fit 500 Layers REM-Fit 500 Layers

    Comfort Straight To Your Door

    REM-Fit mattresses are shipped straight to your door in a compact box. Just pull them out, remove the packaging, and get comfy.

    REM-Fit 500 Mattress
    Breathable Airflow

    Breatheable Airflow

    Ventilated side mesh is designed to optimize mattress breathability, allowing air to flow easily into and out of the mattress.

    Moisture Wicking


    Special fibers pull moisture away from the sleep surface, this reduces allergens and leads to dryer, more comfortable sleep.

    Tencel Lyocell Fabric

    Tencel® Lyocell Fabric

    Recover faster with Re-ax Unleashed® hypoallergenic Tencel lyocell fabric. Promotes pleasantly dry temperature control.

    Comfort Layer

    Comfort Layer

    A supple layer of soft knit delivers the extra touch of comfort that sets REM-Fit mattresses apart from the rest.

    Bacteria Protection

    Bacteria Protection

    Tencel® lyocell fibers provide moisture management, inhibiting bacteria growth and stopping odors before they start.

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    15-Year Warranty

    Backed by an extended warranty, this mattress delivers comfort you can count on.